London Fire Brigade

Becoming a firefighter

Are you looking for a professional job  that offers variety, a challenge and good career progression? If so apply  today to become a London firefighter.

This is no ordinary career choice.  One of your most important roles will be to help Londoners understand fire safety and fire prevention, particularly older people, children and people whose first language isn’t English. You will visit people in their homes to carry out fire safety visits, advise businesses and find innovative ways to make sure our key safety messages get through and make a difference.

You’ll be expected to know the risks and potential hazards to be found in the area around your fire station. Constant practice, training in new skills, exercises and going to lectures are all essential to keeping your skills sharp as well as maintaining your physical fitness.

And, of course, you need to deal calmly and professionally with emergencies like fires, road traffic collisions, chemical spills and floods, working alongside other emergency services and your colleagues to help people who are in distress.

There are always opportunities to progress in the organisation, with annual promotion rounds at every level open to all eligible staff. Not only can you progress with promotion but there are numerous opportunities to diversify the role you undertake. We have many specialist roles such as Fire Investigation, Urban Search and Rescue, Health and Safety, Community Safety, to name a few.  Depending on your ambition, we offer a potential rich and varied career.

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